My name is MrYorkiesWorld.

I produce a range of Flight Simulation Content on YouTube, which sees me flying around the virtual skies, with a virtual aircraft, in a virtual environment. I use Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D, or P3D as it is commonly known, which is a PC-Based platform where all this simulation takes place.

I have been producing videos on YouTube since 2010, however it was only in 2015 that I transitioned over the Flight Simulation. I have seen YouTube grow and develop over the years, and I love to share my content to the world.

By no means am I a real pilot, nor do I intend to follow every single rule of aviation throughout my simulations. I do this as a hobby and to have fun, so that I can share my passion with the world just like I have been doing since 2015.

You will notice from the videos I produce that I prefer to keep it simple. Tiny

details aren’t really that important, especially in a simulation environment. I like to replicate real-world flights from Airport A to Airport B with very little complexity.

Many other Flight Simulation enthusiasts like me have decided to leave behind their YouTube fan bases and move over to other platforms such as Twitch. I am pleased to say that this is something I haven’t decided to do on my own channel - I prefer to keep to my roots - right where my journey first began, and I don't intend to move my content or my brand elsewhere any time soon.

My famous quote "Look at that" will probably haunt you for years to come after you finish watching the majority of my videos on the channel. It's a phrase I've slowly started to accept as my own, and I honestly don't think I could stop saying it even if I tried!