About Me

My name is Jay, (also known as MrYorkiesWorld on YouTube) and I love creating Flight Simulation content with a range of different aircraft, scenery and addons. The channel mainly features full-flight videos, however I also do product reviews, tutorials and other general flight sim related content.    

By no means am I a professional pilot - nor do I intend to follow every single rule throughout. I do this as a hobby and to have fun. As such, you won't find me following every single rule of aviation in my videos, and you shouldn’t use my videos for training professionally, or for real-world operations. 
I get asked a lot why I don’t do certain things “correctly”. This channel is not a flight training channel, and I like to have a laid-back and relaxed attitude in my videos in order to let my viewers have fun and enjoy my content the way I do.    

My interest in aviation spans back to my early childhood. I live in a small town in the UK, with my local airport being Doncaster Sheffield (EGCN). This means I get to see a variety of aircraft, both large and small, flying over my house on a daily basis as they depart and arrive. This is one of the main reasons I love aviation in general.

I have a range of different social media accounts if you'd like to follow me. Check out the links in the top-right of the page for more details, including details on how to support my work if you wish to do so.