About Me

My name is Jay (AKA MrYorkiesWorld), and I have been creating Flight Sim content since 2014, although my passion for aviation and simulation goes back a lot further than that. I've had a keen interest in aviation since I was a child, with my local airport (Doncaster Sheffield – EGCN) being only a matter of minutes away from home.    

I love creating Flight Simulation content using a range of different aircraft, scenery and addons to complete my flights. My YouTube channel mainly features full-flight videos, however I also do product reviews, tutorials and other general flight-sim related content from time to time too.    

By no means am I a professional pilot - nor do I intend to follow every single rule in my simulation videos. I do this as a hobby and to have fun. As such, you won't find me following every single rule of aviation in my content, and you shouldn’t use or refer to my videos for flight training, or for real-world operations. This channel is not a flight training channel, and I like to have a laid-back and relaxed attitude in my videos.